Living life king sized

Hey Diary, Good evening. Today was the day which I am never gonna forget in my life. This day was a very special one. This is gonna go down in the golden pages of my life’s history. The morning was a beautiful one as I got to talk to my angel. The love of my life. Ishu. Love u my sweet lil baby. Then came a moment that made me feel so low. Raj was sad over some matter that had happened between him and Anushree (His now ex-girlfriend). He was roaming around with a sulky face which i recogni



12 Jun 2016 9 min read
Living life king sized

Hey Diary,

Good evening. Today was the day which I am never gonna forget in my life. This day was a very special one. This is gonna go down in the golden pages of my life’s history.

The morning was a beautiful one as I got to talk to my angel. The love of my life. Ishu. Love u my sweet lil baby.

Then came a moment that made me feel so low. Raj was sad over some matter that had happened between him and Anushree (His now ex-girlfriend). He was roaming around with a sulky face which i recognized at once. I persuaded him to tell me what exactly had happened.

So, here is what exactly happened :-

That girl was cheating him in-spite of being in a relationship with Raj. I respected her so much. But today I realized what she is in real. I had warned Raj in the very beginning that Don’t you dare do anything bad to her. The reason? Well, I talked to her in the beginning when Raj had no feelings or emotions attached to her. I used to chat with her on Facebook. I kept talking to her for 2-3 days continuously until she accepted the relationship proposal. By this time I had developed some feelings for this girl. But, as Raj liked her (I am gonna explain this in detail too) I let go of her.

So, eventually I and Raj made a plan to visit Jodhpur as I had some Army related stuff to deal with while Raj had to meet Anu (I prefer the short name).

Raj had this very bad idea in his mind that he will meet her, use her and dump her. The stuff which he has been doing from ages ago. But, as i had sworn him to my name he promised that he won’t do anything bad to hurt her. Well, when they met first. He kissed her. That’s okay. No big deal. He didn’t do anything against her will. Perfect till here? Yeah.

Months passed and this guy was getting attached to her. Yeah, trust me. He has never ever been so serious regarding any girl. He treats them like a mere object but, this was an exception. Compelled by me. Which, he gladly accepted. There were these small petty fights between them which are common in any relationship. Well, I haven’t been there in so many relationships but this is what I have heard of from people.

Then after few months things started getting worse. She would block him and my number upon the reasons which were not so satisfactory. Raj used to cry late up at night. Used to call her a million-gazillion times but in vain.

What a cold heart you have girl. I am not bluffing but I can’t see the tears even in my enemy’s eyes. In this case he was your boyfriend. He even foresaw his future with you. Believe me when i say this, he keeps on getting proposals from girls far better than you, no offense intended, but he never gave a shit to anyone of them. Just because of you.

I can’t write all the details here as it is my diary and I don’t wanna remember such things later in my life. He has also collected enough proofs which he is gonna show you whenever he sees you next. Anu, I respected you so much, took your side. Even if Raj spiraled down and went after some other girl i cussed him and he would be back on track. Is this the fruit which bore from those acts? I mean as far as i know he has never ever hurt you. Even if he commits a mistake he apologizes so badly. You also know that.

Was he not enough that you had to cheat on him? If you could only give a reason. But wait, lemme see i you’ve got some, hey! I see none of them. ?

You broke him from inside. Doesn’t matter how much I abuse or sass him. At the end of the day he is my brother. I love him more than anyone can think of and vice-versa. I helped him collect all the proofs and I’m soon gonna prepare a vlog of that.

You will never know how much he cried last night. The way he has never ever cried before. Now, he has 0% emotions left for you. And, you got to live with that. You are responsible for this. This time I am not gonna defend anyone but I’m gonna support my brother in moving on. Yeah, you can curse me. ?

You did such a shameful thing to your sister. Come on girl! who does that? Except a few like you ?

I can’t write that stuff here. You also know what you have done. Just to remind you. It has something regarding some photocopy related stuff. Does it ring a bell? Hmm… Lemme guess. Yeah it does.

Your sister hates you for that and is gonna to that for the rest of her life, nonetheless, you deserve it.

Let’s cut this crap out. Enough of hue and cry. Let’s get back to the point of how awesome this day was.

I was talking to Yukti on phone. I was telling her how disturbed my brother was. Then I thought of a plan to cheer him up and make him forget his worries.

I decided to enjoy this day as I used to enjoy 4-5 years before. So, I told him to get ready as we will go out and have fun. Like real fun. The badass way.

I wanted to act like a real spoilt rich kid. Generally i try and be simple-ish. But not today. I wanted to make this day a memorable one for him. I wanted him to forget all the worries and pain.

So, eventually he agreed and went to get ready.

In the meantime, there was a guy named Vivek tormenting my girl. So, I texted him in the best possible way to stop messaging her. To which he said, control your girlfriend first.

Lemme state the entire conversation here :-

I: Listen buddy, Don’t ever message Yukti again.

He: Why?

I: I am her boyfriend and so i am asking you to do so.

He: Control your girlfriend first. Then ask me to do so.

* I was pissed off at this as who was he to tell me what to do. Moreover, I am no control freak. She has her own freedom *

I: Apna gyaan apne paas rakh. Jitta bola utta kar lena bas.

He: Nahi to tu kya kar lega. Chl nhi kr rha. Jo krna hai kar le. Tere jaise bohot dekhe h.

* No buddy you haven’t. You don’t know who I am. Else, you would never ever have came in my way *

I: Tu kar ke dekh. Ek baar soch lena. Kahi baad me roye phir.

He: Krunga. Rok sakta hai to rok le.

* I was so pissed off. I called him directly. Talked to him in the worst possible way. After a few minutes he was silent. Didn’t even utter a word. Raj also helped me in the best way that he could manage *

I: Call q cut kar rha hai ab. Attend kar.

He: Nahi kar rha. Baad me dekh lunga tujhe.

I: Tu Jaipur aa. Phir milte hai apan.

He: Abhi aa ke gya tha. Pooch teri gf se. Usko C*** ke bhi gya tha. Mujhe rokne se pehle apni gf ko smjha. R**** hai wo s***.

Mate, this is where you crossed the limits. Now let’s forget the fact that she is my girlfriend. She is more than that But, if you say this even for a girl whom I don’t know. I’ll rip your tongue out. If you have enough guts come to my home. I have even given you the address. Just come buddy. I’ll break your legs for sure. Coz you have crossed your limits. I won’t take such filthy words for any stranger girls. In this case you messed up with my princess. I ain’t gonna spare you. And don’t worry I’m already on to finding you address. If i succeed, pray to god that i don’t, but, if I do, I’m gonna drag you out of your house and will trash you then and there.

Just then. Anushree called. I picked up. Handed over the phone to Raj. He was talking so sweetly. I couldn’t get it. I came to know later that he was acting.

We left on our journey to have fun. Now what followed are the best moments of my life. And best-est days of Raj’s life.

We got ready, in an awesome attire. I had a spare iPhone so I gave that to Raj. Put on our RayBan aviators and left home. I took a sum of 5,000 rupees to spend and decided to spend them all ?

Took a cab to Triton Mall. First, we decided to watch some movie and then we’ll have fun. Damn man! We were looking so charming. Almost every second person watched us. At least once.

First time in a long time I enjoyed this. Generally, I try and stay away from lime light. But not today.

We reached the movie counter and asked for the tickets of Conjuring movie. Just to find out that it was housefull. Bad luck.

Next movie worth watching was Houseful 3 @ 6:45 PM. And it was 3:30 at that time.

We decided to pass the time till that. So, we thought of enjoying the day first and calling it a day after watching the movie.

We were hungry, so, we thought of eating first. Raj took a bottle of coke and i settled with Papdi Chaat.

I love Chaat. ? Then we had Paneer Patties. Then a few chocolates and then called it off. Oh yes! A mineral water bottle.

Then we kept roaming in the mall for some 15 minutes, doing all the mischief. Grabbing attention. Specially from girls. We loved it.

After a few moments Raj said he wanted to have a car race. Just to make him feel better I went up with him to the gaming zone and bought the tickets.

Enjoyed the whole session so much that we decided to go for an other round simultaneously.

After that we went to the lowest floor. And Raj said Niraj let’s have coffee. I said, “Aaj to CCD chlenge. Aur kahi se nah peeni coffee”.

He agreed, reluctantly.

I fooled him by saying that I was ordering a regular CCD cappuccino which is worth 100 rupees (tax excluded).

What I did in real was order a Hot choco latté with whipped up cream and CCD special bun-sandwich.

That summed up for 875 rupees ?. Raj was not aware of this the whole time. When we finished with all this stuff Raj asked for a bottle of mineral water and bill. Then, I got busted. He was like, “Waah **. Sahi hai. Aaj to maje hi krenge apan full”. He was so happy and cheerful. This was what I wanted to see. Money doesn’t count for me.

Happiness of my dear and near ones do. I can buy 100s of such latté for happiness of those who are close to me.

Then we went for bowling. In which we failed. Not even a single perfect shot. But we enjoyed that moment.

Then after some 1 hour we went to Domino’s and had a pizza each. This was about time of our show so, we went to buy the tickets and then we sat at the same place. Besides CCD. There we noticed how many people were watching us. We were feeling so high. For the first time in a long time I loved this life of mine.

After some time we were getting bore so we went to the horror house. Which was not horrifying at all.

After 30 minutes of killing time and stuffing up our stomaches with junk. We got inside the auditorium.

There we met an awesome uncle with whom we had so much fun. Raj kept on talking about girls with him meanwhile Pooja called me. She was getting bored as she was single now. So, I said, Whenever you feel alone just gimme a call. She had said the same thing a few days ago. When I was feeling low.

After some 15-20 minutes we came into the theatre and started watching the movie.

From a few hours before a group of 4 girls was noticing us. As fate would have it. They got seats besides us. This was so much fun for Raj. But for me, I have a no go with strangers. Be it girl or a boy.

Ads were being screened on the screen and then one of the girl initiated the conversation. A formal one. Raj was enjoying it. I was trying to stay out but he dragged me in to it.

We just chatted and put their hopes to curb by saying that we both were committed. Although Raj just became single.

One of them asked why are you guys spendthrift-ing? Raj said that it was a sort of make up party. Which he was throwing. In which he also mentioned that.

Party meri hai. But throw Niraj kar rha hai.

Then after 5 minutes movie started. We started watching it. Enjoyed that movie to the core. It was worth watching.

After movie we again went and had burger, ice cream and pani puri. Then, we went for that awesome car race. Again.

At that time someone met me. Told me about the real life of Yukti. About her friends. Her past. How she actually is. I accepted all of them and promised that mysterious soul that I will care about her the way a mother cares for a child. Even if she hurts me. I won’t ever leave her alone. Even if we fight like hell. Or move away. I will never stop caring about her.

Then after that I bid goodbye and then came out of the mall. Took a cab back home. And crashed on my bed.

Today we clicked so many pictures. When we came back home, Raj started crying and then hugged me. Said, “Bhaai tu mere sabse close hai. Aaj tu nahi hota to mai poore din rote hi rehta, I love you.” And then he literally kissed me.

I was like bas kar bhaai. Zyaada emotional na ho. You’re like my brother and how could I see tears in your eyes. For sure, he is my brother from another mother.

Love u too bud.

Dear diary, That’s all for today. Thanks god and everyone for making this day so awesome.

Love you all

Your’s lovingly

– Nick