Best Day Of My Life

Hello Diary, I am back. So says the title. I was not updating my blog because there was not much to write about. But now things have started to happen. My life is full of reminiscent memories once again. So, I took to this blog once again and decided to write my e-diary once again. And the power responsible behind all these positive changes in my life is none other than my very own wife, Yukti. We both have been in a relationship since I founded and launched this website. That is more th



29 Jul 2016 9 min read
Best Day Of My Life

Hello Diary,

I am back. So says the title. I was not updating my blog because there was not much to write about. But now things have started to happen. My life is full of reminiscent memories once again.

So, I took to this blog once again and decided to write my e-diary once again.

And the power responsible behind all these positive changes in my life is none other than my very own wife, Yukti.

We both have been in a relationship since I founded and launched this website. That is more than 2 months. But surprisingly, we hadn’t met yet. So, as it would have been sooner or later, we decided to meet.

I also wanted to see her badly, embrace her in my arms, kiss her and talk to her all sorts of things.

We decided to meet and the date that would go down in the golden pages of my life was, 29th July. Yes, this was the day that I got to see the love of my life. I was feeling so damn nervous as this was the first time I was gonna see a girl in person. Hence, to cope up with all that shyness and embarrassment I took Raj with me.

Yukti was gonna come with a friend of her named Kalpana who on the other hand was accompanied by her friend Punit.

I got up early as I was excited. You  may say more nervous than excited. Booked the cab and went to Inox Vaibhav, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. Never knew that this would be the place where I would be meeting my girlfriend / future wife.

The chauffeur was a friendly guy. I reached the rendezvous point in some 10 odd minutes. We rode a little far from the parking lot on the back of the mall. I saw my love standing there with her friend. I was hesitating in confronting her yet somehow I gathered up all my courage and walked out of the car. The fresh morning air was feeling more fresher. Can’t say if it was the aura of the moment or nature trying to play it’s trick on me.

I just managed to utter a single word in front of her. That was a hasty “Hi”. Then went to the ticket counter and got the tickets. I had no hard cash so, I used my credit card. Funny that I went on a date and didn’t have cash 😛

Ishu was standing at the back with her friend at that moment I thought I was being a prick, not really but I was feeling so much shy.

Anyhow I managed to ask Punit to ask them to come for the screening of the movie, Toh Dishoom. (First movie with my love).

En route to the auditorium I was talking with Raj about how I felt and he took the full advantage of my misery by teasing me with all the strength the had left with him.

All 5 of us went inside the theater and found out that movie was being screened already. We missed the starting part, thanks to me, the #latecomer.

Now, we all had 5 chairs booked for ourselves. Here comes the dilemma, I was hell lot of confused on where to sit. I wanted to sit with her but decided to stick with Raj only until she asked me to come and sit besides her.

Now here comes the dilemma. The atmosphere seemed so tensed to me. I didn’t even know how to initiate a conversation. So, I just sat there as if I was some sort of alien on this planet.

Moments passed. I can’t remember much but AFAIK I mustered up all my courage and then asked her If she had been to WTP the day before. She replied, “Yes”. Beaming with triumph and victory I had a quite boost in my morale.

She didn’t tell me this but, I could sense that she was feeling shy or maybe nervous. This made my situation even worse. I am not much of a shy away kinda person generally but this case was an exception not because she was a girl but because she was that special girl with whom I had to spend my life with.

I didn’t wanna make her feel more uncomfortable so, I resisted everything and stayed mute. Now the thoughts which started crossing my mind were, What If she thought I was a shy person. What If she thought that I wasn’t perfect for her. All my thoughts were put to the curb by the Intermission.

I mustered up my courage and asked her, “What would she like to have as a snack?”. She said bring whatever you might like. I settled with a bag of popcorn for everyone.

Punit didn’t take one as he said he would be sharing with Kalpana. Good Idea, I said. But alas! I had already bagged one for each one of us. Never mind.

I went back to the theater and put all the refreshment stuff there and went back outside with Raj. Whatever happened is a mystery 😛

We came back once the movie was resumed. I sat beside her. She said, “Don’t you speak?”. I took this as an opportunity and told her that I was being shy and nervous at the same time.

Anyways, moving on, I asked her to eat the popcorn with me i.e. we were gonna share it. Then what she said further reduced my nervousness and I was slowly being cozy with her. She said, “Feed me.”. Reluctant at first, I decided to go on with her command.

God! I was gonna feed my love for the first time, first time ever in my life I was gonna feed a girl. I felt nervous but let it go, eventually.

I wanted to ask her to feed me too but as my nervousness would have it, I couldn’t utter a single word.

I wanted to hug her, kiss her. But all I could manage was to ask if I could hold her hand. She agreed and gave her left hand at my disposal.

It felt funny, I mean who does that, You always give a hand which is closer to the second person but no, my love was an exception. Maybe she liked doing the things the harder way.

I took her hand in my hands. What a feeling it was. Eternal, Divine, No words for that.

Time passed and I started feeling more comfortable with her. Why shouldn’t I? After all I have to spend my whole life with her embracing her In my arms.

After a while movie came to and end. I didn’t want it to end as I loved the feeling of holding her hand. I wasn’t ready to let go but had to.

I wanted to hold her hand while walking out of the theater but couldn’t manage to do so.

All 5 of us gathered outside the auditorium and were planning on what to do next as we had plenty of time left.

Everybody kept on giving or suggesting something then we finally agreed to go to the Triton Mall.

Punit and Kalpana decided to go on Punit’s bike and rest three of us agreed to get there in a cab.

Now two of them left and we were awaiting for the cab. It was sunny outside so the heat was scorching yet Yukti decided to sit there in the sunshine

While waiting for the cab Raj decided to give us some privacy and we began talking about random stuffs. I thought of taking that moment as a memory and hence snapped a picture of us. It was not that great as our eyes were merely opening due to the sunlight overhead. Yet, what was important was the value of that picture. That was our first picture together as a couple.

After a few minutes the cab arrived. Raj took the front seat. I held the door open for my girl to get inside and I followed her back into the car. Beaming with the confidence this time I didn’t ask her if I could hold her hand but held it instead. She also responded back with a smile.

Upon reaching the mall there was some old lady outside our car trading her blessings for some bucks. What a world! Raj was there already poking fun of her.

I wasn’t having any change with me so I waited for some time for the chauffeur to hand me the change and then I passed on that to her in trade of her blessings. Who knows if her blessings come to our aid in the future.

We were waiting for them duo to arrive. Funny how they left earlier but hadn’t reached their destination yet.

Till then we decided to spend the time by roaming hither and thither  in the mall. Meanwhile Raj took several pics of me and my love. In the last one I was looking as if the world is slipping up beneath my feet. Because I was nervous. I don’t know the reason.

After minutes of waiting they came to us. Then we decided what to do next. This time I had a plan. Visit horror house and then to Domino’s and then off to one’s respective homes.

So, I got us the tickets for the horror house and then we decided to walk in. Kalpana was scared like hell and she didn’t wanna come in. We insisted for a while but then moved on, without her.

As we were nearing the starting point of the scary house Yukti hugged me tightly, means, he held me close to her. Trust me when I say this, that was the best feeling in the world. The way I felt, so possessive, so loving, leave it. No words can ever define the way I felt at that moment. Trust me, the feeling was divine, eternal, to be precise. You won’t get that so awesome feeling even when you kiss someone. The beauty of the true love that was.

I hugged her closer to me. Reducing the distances between us. I wanted to melt in completely into her. I would do anything, literally anything to have that feeling back, on and on, forever in my life. The fun fact is I actually did something, be all ears dear Diary as I tell you what I did next to have that feeling back.

Before getting in Yukti could be seen beaming with confidence and boasting all that she could about her fearlessness. Once we got in she barely moved a step. I had to drag her along with me, not literally though. We were nearing the end of the horror house then came the most funniest thing of all. A guy dressed up a deadly Anabelle on a cot was trying to scare the shit out of us and all fearless Yukti tried to walk her out out leading us from the front. Just then, he jumped forward and what a shriek it was! I was LOL. But the best part of this moment was the way she hugged me while shrieking, that was divine.

So, eventually that moment came to an end as soon as the horror house ended. Now Kalpana and Punit were waiting outside ans saying that they got their tickets exchanged for the horror house 2. So, I asked Yukti if she was okay in case we went back to the horror house once more? She said, “Yeah, fine. Let’s go!”. Raj was ready as always.

While buying the tickets I was so damn happy for I was going to hold my bae once again in my arms. This time again once we entered the horror house Kalpana started freaking out. But we insisted and she came in, provided that we always kept the flashlights on.

This time Yukti was more confident as she was scurrying her way out. Not like I expected. Yet, I took the initiative and held her close to me. The feeling was not same as before because Kalpana kept on pulling my hand which she held so tightly.

After a couple of minutes all 5 of us came out and now began plotting out our next plan. The time was limited so we decided to talk for some time and then we’ll be off to our respective places.

While I was standing there with my girl a midget came out of no where which I later found out was, Kuldeep. Yeah, the same old creep who once went to her home and was desperate for a kiss. Go on you sucker! You dreams are only gonna get crushed down here.

I didn’t like him among us. Nor did she. It was quite evident from the look on her face.

Raj came to the rescue. He took that prick along with him and told him all that he needed to know.

I also talked with him over some matter of which writing here is not so necessary.

Then came the end of our fun filled day. We promised to meet again on 1st of August and then came out of the mall.

It was raining outside. Perfect timing dear lord!

Yukti went to her home along with Punit and Kalpana meanwhile I and Raj waited for our taxi.

Both of us went to a restaurant and had a feast as literally we both were starving.

Then from there we came home, It was raining outside, perfect aura it was.

I was smiling both from the inside and outside for it was the best day of my life. Thanks to that special girl whom I call my wife, my everything. Love you forever.