How far can you be?

How far can you be?

Remember when I was sick and you stayed up all night,
taking care of me?

Remember when we held hand strolling together in the park,
enjoying ‘colored ice’ and how I stuck out my tongue, making faces,
just to make you laugh?

Remember when I woke up wrapped in your arms,
and snuggled in closer just to make sure I was not living a dream?

Remember that one time when you were really angry with me and even in between the fight,
you picked up one of my shirts that had fallen on the floor?

Remember when it rained on the way back home,
and we parked our car to see raindrops play tag on our windows?

Remember when you came back early from work,
just because I was missing you?

Remember our wedding day,
the beginning of new dreams and a new life?

I fell in love with you, for the way you always looked out for me, how your arms were always open wide for me, how you always kissed my forehead and hugged me after a long tiring day at work, how you let me watch those romantic movies and wipe my tears whenever my eyes welled up, how you would cheer me up whenever I felt low, how you loved all of me, even my imperfections.

I fell in love with you, not just once, but hundreds of time, all over again.

With our hands entwined, heads bent, foreheads touching and your smile reaching out to me, I felt safe, I felt at home.

And now I wish with all of my heart that on that fateful day, I was also there with you when you lost control of your car in that rainy night, that I was there with you when you saw that your end was nearing.

I wish I had been there with you, lying besides you, breathing my last with you so that we could have been frozen together for an eternity.

But now that you are not here with me,
remember how I loved you,
remember that I always will…..


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