Who lost?

Love the one that loves you instead of one that you love.

What you read above might sound weird but let me get this straight, unlike they say in movies, “One sided love kills the inner you.”

I came across a beautiful micro fiction that I am going to share.

We will understand it better in the form of a story.

So, let’s get started.

Once there was a boy. He was madly in love with a girl. “That” girl was not the most beautiful or charming one but for him, she was something extraordinary.

He used to care about her, defend her from ill thoughts of people, dreamt about living his entire life with her.

The guy’s friends asked him, “Why do you love her so much even if you are not sure whether she loves you the same?”

“It is better to confess your feelings brother, then you’ll know”, they said.

The guy was hesitant at first as it didn’t suit him right but decided to give it a go as it was the only right way to know about her feelings for him.

Talking of the girl, she knew that the boy loved her, all this time.

Still, when that boy approached her and confessed his feelings, she rejected him.

The boy didn’t even utter a single word and quietly backed off.

Eventually, the word spread and the guy’s friends came to know of it.

They thought that their friend must be devastated as he couldn’t even afford to think of losing her.

But, to their surprise, he didn’t show any such signs of devastation or depression.

This surprised his friends and they asked, “You just lost someone you loved the most. Why are you not sad?”

To this he said:

Why should I feel bad? I lost someone who never loved me but she on the other hand, lost someone who really loved her by heart.

This was the story part.

You of course know that true love is hard to find among the world full of pretenders and their sugarcoated lies.

So, never ever lose a person who cares for you, is there for you and loves you with all of his heart.

Yes, I know this was below your expectations but, I am working on a Hindi poem, yeah you read it right, Hindi poem. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Till then, sayonara.

– Nick

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  1. Bablofil
    June 18, 2017

    Thanks, great article.

  2. N.R
    June 18, 2017

    I think one side love me kisi ko khone ka dar nhi hota. Woh till end of life ushi ka hota h. No breakup ?

    • June 18, 2017

      Well, andaaz apna apna. For me, it sucks.

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