Hero without a cape

Hello friend!

This is a little something for our fathers. The heroes who don’t wear a cape.


He walked with torn shoes and re-stitched clothes,

Just to but new shoes and clothes for you.

But, did you fulfill his needs?


He got wet in rain and walked under scorching sun,

Just to buy you a raincoat and ACs.

But, did you fulfill his needs?


He left before you woke up and came when you were asleep,

So that you don’t sleep on empty stomach.

But, did you fulfill his needs?


He slept without any blanket and bed,

So that you don’t feel numb and cold.

But, did you fulfill his needs?


He used to buy you all the fancy things,

And never bought anything fancy for him.

But, did you fulfill his needs?


Everyone has a life but,

He has dedicated his to your’s.


But, do you fulfill his needs?


Let’s not ever forget what our fathers do for us. He was there for you whenever you needed someone. His heart will beat for you even if everyone else turns his back on you. So, love him unconditionally. Be there for him the way he was there for you.



– Nick

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