A Prostitute’s Letter

Dear Society,

Yes I am a prostitute and I am proud of it.

You flaunt your work, your status, your job, your money. So, I will also do the same.

Today, I will let you know what I think.

Today, I will showcase you; no, not my body but the difference between our lives.

You work for money. So do I. But the difference is I only work in night shifts and you know what’s best? I work with integrity. I don’t cheat on my customers as you do.

As a matter of fact, you cheat someone somewhere and come to me. Now tell me, who is more moralized?

You work for happiness of your child? So do I. But, my work is seen as a crime by your well furnished plastic society. Failing to look that I am here because of my circumstances not choices.

I am here so that my child can have a life and not be like me. I am here so that even they can have some education and be like you.

But, unlike you. I don’t cheat on my customers. I sell my whole body even though there is pain and even when I am unwilling to do so. Even though they leave a life long scar, sometimes.

Let me tell you one thing, one can rip off my clothes but my thoughts and my heart is still sacred.

When your lust is getting over you I am the one that satisfies you carnatic desires and save the life of some poor girl (rapes).

I serve your desires so that I can serve food to my little ones.

Yeah, I know that I am doing a job that’s barely legal but please, don’t look at me the way as if I have killed one of your family members.

There is a bit of shyness left in my eyes which is buried deep inside them. Don’t try. You won’t be able to look into them.

And hey! In case you forgot, here is a gentle reminder.

I am a girl.

Lost girl.

Right Now

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