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Most of the times you might find yourself in a situation that constantly threatens your inner peace. You might find it really hard believing that someone you loved and cared for is the one who led you to this kind of mess.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to pull yourself back to sanity because these happenings have been heartbreaking, some people have been really difficult to come in terms with and honestly, it’s okay.

There’s always something about toxic people that is really important to know and understand i.e. they never change.

No matter how much you try to understand them, no matter how much you try to justify their actions, it always leaves you confused and hurt.

It’s really difficult when it comes to letting go because you have attached your life to this person’s existence. You’ve attached your happiness to this person’s life.

Sometimes you might be loving this person more than you. Remember how you craved for that person’s existence, when you would literally be happy sitting next to them, saying nothing?

But love can’t change a toxic person. There’s no amount of love that can make any abusive person love you or feel empathetic towards you.

As much as you are trying to hold on you’ll eventually realize that you’re hurting, that no matter how many times you tell them to be gentle to your soul they’ll always end up ripping it apart.

You have to understand and believe that when someone truly loves you, they will NEVER hurt you.

You have to cut the strings that have attached you to that person, one by one. Because, it’s not worth all of this pain. Stop convincing yourself that this person will stop hurting you.

Stop worrying about them and start thinking about the times you had to silently cry, watching them hurt you. You seriously have to stop fighting so much for someone that won’t choose you even once in their lifetime.

Life’s too short to be spent around people who can’t hold your hand and face every nightmare with you.

Life’s too short to be spent around people who tell they are there for you but aren’t when you really need them.

Honestly, it’s hard being away from the ones we love so much but it’s way more painful to see them choose others, to see them walk over our hearts like our happiness doesn’t exist.

You have to let them go because you’re too precious to deserve half-assed attention. No one deserves half-assed promises and half-assed truths.

Choose yourself. Choose your happiness even when you can’t imagine your world without them.

When someone truly loves you, they are afraid of losing you. Even the slightest idea of losing you makes them terrified because you are everything they ever wanted from this world.

You don’t have to suffer so much for someone who doesn’t even value your existence in their life.

Walk away from people who can’t understand you no matter how many words you speak to them as you’ll always be losing yourself to them.

I know that this is the most painful thing to do but you have to believe that you deserve so much better than this.

You deserve a love that would conquer all your fears and that won’t leave you lonely when you need that person the most.

Trees also shed leaves when they are blocking it’s sunshine. Let go of the worn out leaves and new ones will grow over time restoring your inner peace.

Until next time, peace 🕊

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