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We come in this world crying.

But to smile, to laugh, to love, to be happy is what we learn after being born.

Doesn’t that simply indicate that we need to learn to how to keep those blooming curves on our faces?

Just in a blink of an eye we are nothing but grown up puppets where we enter an age called “Teenage”.

The name sounds so glamorous, yet so faded.

Filled with thrills, yet depressing.

Independent, yet needs us to be more responsible.

Fascinating, yet so brutal.

But this is the age of learning. Learning from the experiences in life, learning by playing with our minds.

You can cling on to your thoughts and either build mountains with it or simply get buried under it.

You need to press the stop button instead of pause.

You need to stop running behind your endless craves for lust. Take a breath and find love instead.

You need to stop the war between your need and greed. Be a little satisfied instead.

You need to stop trying to be someone that everybody loves. Love yourself instead.

Time. It generally heals you. But is deceptive too. It is lethal, especially when it is not favoring you.

So, it is better to heed your thoughts in right direction rather that to wander around with your feelings in search of the right time.


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