To one who left

I think your pretty face and attractive voice is to be blamed,
Every word from you touched his heart and he believed in your lies.

You might have come into his life to forget your past or to kill the loneliness,
But he, with the happy soul and a golden heart, accepted you as his soulmate.

He never felt lust for you,
His feelings were pure and genuine.

He started being more happier than before,
And did everything for you.

Oh! Wait. Isn’t this where he went wrong?

He might have rushed into you and been possessive,
It healed your wounds and gave you the wings to fly.

And you ended up leaving him for someone else,
You disrespected the loyalty.

But girl, he set the benchmark for you.

Now your subconscious mind is always going to compare,
Every guy’s love & effort with him.

And you know what?
No one is gonna be able to beat him.

Because you chose option over deserving one.

You might not feel this because you are too proud,
And too much confident of your decisions.

But it all comes from him.

He made you this, he healed you,
He gave you the missing love, by sacrificing his sleep.

He is the reason for the emotional strength you now have,
And you ended up betraying your own source of power.

Soon this will fade away and you will realize his worth,
When your own decisions will betray you.

He may be fighting to forget you,
But the fake promises you made are still holding him back,

He is still living in the facade you created for him,
Shame on you for doing this to him.

I don’t have anything to tell him about moving on,
Because I know he is stuck.

I am writing his aggression and pain here,
It might help him heal, he needs to forget.

But it still hurts him,
I can feel him.

I am him.
– Nick

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