Pages of my diary

If I fill these pages of my diary,
by words about you,
will these pages bleed?

If I scribble about every single scar,
that you gave me over the years,
will the people plead?

If I draw you over my canvas,
and let colors sneak in through it corners,
will it be colorful again?

If I ask a time traveller,
to reverse the sands of time,
will you be back there to hold me?

If one day I write our story,
to sum up all those incomplete kisses and half hugs,
will you be willing to listen?

And one fine day, if we ever meet somewhere,
will you look into my eyes,
the same way you do in my mind?

Thanks for reading. I duly apologize for not writing much recently. TBH, went through a lot, took down my blog as I no longer had any muse.
But then, someone made me realize to never let go of the things that make us happy as ONLY WE can truly make us happy, right? Keep smiling, keep loving!

– Nick

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