Life vs. Romance

While life argues and shouts like a drunken brawl,
Romance kisses tears with ‘sorry’, not letting it fall.

Life burps and farts and even cries,
Romance has no such lows, only highs.

While life snores and spit drips,
Romance smiles that angelic smile, nestled in waves of hair, it soundlessly sleeps.

Life gets irritated waiting for the late,
Romance impatiently cherishes the excited wait.

Life is a sturdy multipurpose handbag,
Romance a clutch, holds nothing, just a fad.

Life cooks the greens, the beans, the porridge and the lies,
Romance dines with wines and fills stomach with butterflies.

Life goes to work,
Romance is a leave.

Life is a bleeding cut,
Romance, a heartache; make believe then deceive.

Life is a boring chore,
Romance a hobby.

Life is a trick of hands,
Romance, the magic you don’t see.

Life hatches from an egg, turns to a caterpillar; breaking the cocoon, falling apart, survives all odds,
Romance flies away, looking beautiful, colourful, but doesn’t last too long.

Life is at war, no forgiveness, no weakness, kill the enemy until they back off way out of sight,
Romance simply hugs and makes up at night.

Life is routine,
Romance a surprise.

Life runs on alarms,
Romance is late to bed and late to rise.

Life crashes from sky to earth; has a purpose to the fall,
Romance is the fragrance of that rainfall.

Life is the gloomy picture you see outside the glass window, after rubbing off the fog,
Romance was “the alphabets traced by your finger lovingly in heart”, that you just rubbed off.

Life is romance with strings attached,
Romance is life you wish you had.

– Nick

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  1. Dipika
    August 15, 2018

    The last two lines are the best!❤

    • August 15, 2018

      Thank You! ❤️

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