I wonder

I sometimes wonder,
what if I met you in the middle of the street someday?

Will you say “Hi” or just ignore me like you did before,
assuring me that you haven’t changed?

I sometimes wonder,
will your smile still be the same?

I sometimes wonder,
will you talk like we haven’t been apart for years?

Will you notice,
that I keep my hair short, as you liked?

Will you text me back after reaching home,
saying that you miss me?

I do wonder,
but deep down I know too.

I know, my wishes are nothing but illusions,
giving me company on these lonely roads.

Deep down I know,
You’re like that shirt hiding in my heart’s closet.

Which I bought paying off with my feelings,
but can’t wear anymore.

But, maybe, someday I would be able to wear you,
not just on my skin but on my soul.

Perhaps then, I would sleep peacefully.
– Nick

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  1. Manoj Bajiya
    July 20, 2018

    It’s quite nice but doesn’t carry any impactfull phrase or line that can be reminded.

    • July 20, 2018

      Thanks. It was a mockup. Hence not that impactful.

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