Fall for the right one

Dear Men,

Don’t just fall, fall for the right one.

I know, it is normal human tendency that our eyes rule most of the time as compared to our brains.
There is nothing inhuman to select beauty over brains but in the tug of war between the both we often select the fancy and later regret.

Below are few thing you need to remember:
1. Don’t fall for bold shade over her lips, make sure the words spoken from it are how far true.
2. Check whether her emotions are not as fake as the eyelashes she wears. As there are many for every occasion.
3. Her skin is just her skin which can be glistened by various beauty products. Make sure her actions shine and glow.
4. You may slip into her body and poised figure easily but don’t fail to check that her character is in shape.
5. Also keep up cursory check that her intentions outshine your money, bike rides and costly gifts after all you are not here just for a fling.

If she is the one, she won’t demand, she will dilute your sorrows and worries.

If she is the one, she won’t escape in battles, instead, will bleed along with you.

If she is the one, she won’t put hoardings of your love, instead will make you remind that you are the most beautiful soul in this world each and every day, each and every hour and each and every second of your life.


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