Nameless Relations

It was mid of first year in the college and by now not only me but the whole college knew how close I was to her.

Yes, we were not talking since the day we joined the college. But a random group formed for a project turned out to be the most beautiful thing that has happened in that course of time.

I am not the kind of always-present-beofre-time types hence as usual I was late. I entered the classroom. It was more like a routine now, my eyes looking for her as soon as I entered the class room. In fact, it was mandatory.

I looked at her and gave a smile, no, not that oh-i-like-you one but the usual one. She smiled back at me. Behind that smile I sensed the tinge of sadness she was hiding. Yet, I was not sure.

I waited for our “Happy Hour”. The time at which we used to talk after being through with our lessons.

After a couple hours of anxiety, finally our classes were over.

She walked out of the classroom towards the stairs which led to the place where we used to talk, still carrying that “tinge of sadness”.

I tried to show that I wasn’t in a rush but the inner me knows the truth. As soon as she was out of my sight. I literally rushed towards the stairs, behind her yet out of her sight.

There she was, sitting where we used to, alone and thinking.

“Sup? Fatty”, I exclaimed. (Trying to act as if I noticed nothing.)

“Nothing”, She replied in a low tone. (I was sure now)

“Is there anything wrong? Tell me. We will find a way.”, I assured her.

She looked up at me for a brief moment, enough for me to notice her red eyes. Was she crying all this time? What happened? I didn’t remember doing something relevant that could hurt her. All these thoughts yet I kept quiet. Waiting for her to respond.

“What is this relation between us? Whole college knows we are close. We meet, we talk, we walk together. Yet, what are we to each other? I don’t know.”, she said.

My heartbeats started to rise. Suddenly the aura of the place became so tensed for me. I could hear my veins pulsating behind my temple.

No! Please don’t end this. This is not fair. I love you. What did I do? These were a few from the plethora of thoughts that were running through my head.

“I don’t want to lose you by being afraid of these prejudiced people.”, She cried out.

What? Was it for real? Oh my God! My heartbeats did rise, my veins did pulsate but this time with joy.

I took a deep breath, sat beside her, taking her hands into mine. I lifter her head gently by the chin.

I looked at her for a moment, admiring her, how innocent she was.

Then, I looked her into the eyes and said:

Dear, we know what we mean to each other.
Let’s not give a name to this relation and make it susceptible by the stereotypes.
Let’s not define our feelings and build a wall of expectations.
Let’s not change, just because of people.
We will always be the way we are.
Let’s hug, love and embrace our flaws.
Let trust be the only sacred thing living in our souls.

Listening to me, she didn’t say a word, she just hugged me tightly.

It expressed way more feelings than those words could ever have.

I knew that I had earned myself a treasure for a lifetime, which was “US”.

There was also one thing that I realized that day. Nameless relations can speak the loudest.
– Nick

P.S: I would like to emphasize that this story and all my other stories are purely “FICTIONAL“. Please don’t bother me by asking if it is meant for someone. I rarely write something dedicated to someone. Period. When I do, I gladly mention it. Thank you for understanding.

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