Love yourself first

Hey you! Look up and listen to me, darling. Let’s learn how to love yourself first.

I know what it feels like to be shattered enough to feel that all the art and beauty of this world is not going to save you. But I want you to know that it’s OKAY.

It’s completely OKAY to be feeling like this or even just nothing at all.

It is called being human to be that way and it is normal. It doesn’t make you weak.

I know that maybe you spread your heart naked in from of someone and he/she walked all over it. But you and I know that weaving a person into words is not easy, walking over their heart is (right?).

Now tell me who is more powerful? You or that other person? Writer or the muse? That person exists because your pen does, not the other way round.

You trusted him/her with all you had. You fought crazy fights for him/her. You almost convinced yourself that he/she loves you. Didn’t you?

But you know what? He/she didn’t want you to win. That’s where you lost. But wait, isn’t this where “he/she lost you” too?

He/she was a soul you loved and adored with all of your heart. He/she was so dear to you that you couldn’t just let him/her go. I do not deny someone’s beauty here. But wait. Take a look at yourself and look into those beautiful eyes of yours.

Your eyes hold hurricanes than he/she is afraid of. You are made up of stars and galaxies that he/she won’t ever be able to fathom into constellations.

Dear, we all are broken, one way or another. All of us have felt that it is the end of our worlds at some point in our lives. But it isn’t. It never really is.

A pain so deep, demands to be felt. That’s all.

Don’t hide. Don’t run. You can’t escape the pain as a pain has no escape. Feel it.

Feel every bit of it. Feel it going through your heart.

Fall and break. Because once you are broken, that’s when you will heal and stand up again as a whole new self.

You know what? You are a museum. It’s not your fault if his/her eyes only saw empty galleries rather than a masterpiece of art. You possess all the magic in this world, lying at the tip of your fingers.


Also, know that even after everything, happy ending is still waiting out there for you.

And with this “heartbreak” you just got a step closer to finding yourself.

Relax, breathe and let go of it all. You will be okay. That’s my promise.


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  1. Anshul
    December 10, 2017

    Loved it.

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