Lonely, Not Lost

That day, our eyes met and what was next?

Obviously, a new born feeling came into this world.

Yes, it was born. I know as my heart was one of the parents and it had never felt so joyful and proud before.

Initially it was small, so was I. But after feeding trust, hopes and time it grew. Yeah those giggles, hand-in-hand and a few kisses played a major role in that.

I as a parent knew it has been nurtured well. After a few years, it got mature.

I used to drink and get high. But for my feelings, your touch was enough.

I used to chain-smoke. But for my feelings, your smile was enough.

I used to get pocket money but for my feelings getting a bit of your time was enough.

My feelings used to be on cloud nine when I was with you. I thought the same would be the case with you.

But when I came to know that it wasn’t like that, I crashed from that ninth cloud deep into an ocean of grief and sorrow.

What pained me more was to know that for you, my feelings served the purpose of entertainment and as a means to help with passage of your time. Basically, I was a puppet of your “needs”, a plastic toy with which you could play whenever and however you wished.

I even challenged the eternity that my feelings will stay longer. But your desires changed in the blink of an eye.

Now, on this barren land of my heart, my feelings are lying dead, buried deep down in the graveyard of our memories.

Just one request please, dear mine?

Don’t ever visit to place a “rose of sympathy” on that grave.

I might be lonely without you but I sure as hell am not lost.

I will find my way. One way or another.

Your’s truly
A broken heart.

– Nick

P.S: This story is in no way related to me. Seriously, how can you even think like that? My life is not that happening. LOL. Until next time, bye bye.

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  1. Perpendicooler
    December 30, 2017

    Seriously not sure whether or not to laugh after reading this. You’re good with words, though you could probably sharpen your composing skills a bit more. Keep going. In you we trust.

    • January 3, 2018

      Haha. It was meant to be like this. “This” as in clichéd.

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