If a man could cry

If a man could cry,
in front of peeps.
his tears would recite
a story of every men
who wished to cry
but instead,
pressed the neck
of their emotions
as it renders them as weak.

If a man could cry,
his eyes would showcase
a film of every boy
who was ignored because
trusting men is a crime.
they hurt you,
they are dogs,
they play.
as if inhuman and men
are synonyms.

If a man could cry,
his tear stains would
write unsaid
words of grief,
from a boy
who was cheated
and claimed as “boys
prefer skin over hearts.”

If a man could cry,
He would plead,
scream and shout
to the world
that even we are humans
hiding our emotions
underneath our hard skin.

We do get hurt.
We do feel lonely.
We do care.
We do,

If a man could cry,
He will,
behind a closed door.

A man does cry,
It’s just that his
tears are not seen.

– Nick

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